Accentus Austria – 27th of October

Accentus Austria is an instrumental and vocal ensemble, founded in Vienna in 1988, led by viola da gamba player Thomas Wimmer and arranged from 3 to 17 members according to the defined programme.

Tonight’s quartet:

     Klaus Haidl – Theorbe
Michael Posch – Recorder
Elisabeth Wiesbauer – Baroque Violin
Thomas Wimmer – Viola da Gamba

delivered an exquisite performance of the most refined baroque music played at the Austrian court during the 17th century as well as some of their own contemporary compositions still played on baroque instruments. What a delightful surprise! Especially “Antiphon” and “Rondo Apriltsi” by Thommas Wimmer and “Caleidoscope” by Michael Posch.

All along, the four musicians interacted with the audience in a humorous mood which was coronated by their final piece entitled “Capriccio Confuso” a blend of classical music jesting both itself and concert audiences.

The concert took place on 27th of October and was presented by Dubai Concert Committee



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