Art Exhibition – 12th of November – Nomad

The  Edit, a brand new concept store and lifestyle place, is hosting its first art exhibition starting this coming Monday the 12th of November with a private view from 5.00pm to 9.00pm

The artist Cyrus Mahboubian will help us to mentally travel in places and feelings with his solo show called Nomad.

”The title Nomad can of course be interpreted in terms of travel, but also has a deeper meaning pertaining to the state of contemporary life, where nomadism is defined by a perpetually moving and changing existence. This restless condition forces the artist to find a balance between the demands of modern society and working in a way that necessitates a much slower approach.
At the core of this work lies the significance of Mahboubian’s medium: a now-defunct type of instant analogue film invented by Polaroid Corporation in the 1960s. Unlike the digital images ever-proliferating today, these works are tangible and come into existence through the physical process of light entering the lens of the camera and touching the paper, and slowly manifest via a chemical process. 
While this type of film has allowed Mahboubian to hone his artistic voice over the years, the scarcity of his remaining supply impels him to an extreme where each click of the shutter requires scrutiny, making more apparent the finite nature of his treasured art practice.”

The show will run until 13th of December






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