Storytelling Festival ”Tales on the Island” 21/2 -16/3 @Sharjah

Nine evenings full of magic are awaiting for us at The international Storytelling Festival in Sharjah. The only Storytelling Festival in the U.A.E is bringing stories from aaaallll over the world featuring professional artists and peaceful  once upon the the time vibes…

”From local Emirati legends to Celtic ballads, from myths of ancient Rome and Egypt to Indian sagas, from the wisdom of Africa and Middle East to Italian folktales, the Festival is a great multicultural celebration of the oral tradition, with performances, open floors and special events with stories blended with live music, dance and fine arts in a programme to fit all tastes and ages.’
If you ever sought what listening to Sheherazade might have been like don’t miss this unique event! ”

Location :  Al Noor Island (30 minutes away from Dubai downtown)
Full programme and list of artists available here 

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